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Here Be Serpents

“Wanna play Hide n’ Seek, mummy?”

Ayyyyy~! Let it be known that the Significant Otter left the terrarium door open after “having a chat” with my corn snake Fafnir — whom he refuses to touch (or to watch him eat!) — and the snake is now at large. We’ve turned the flat upside down trying to locate the slippery little sucker (I learned that wonderful phrase from Pretty Woman), but to no avail. Here’s to hoping he’s actually inside the flat somewhere and not — for instance — haunting the drainage in the apartment complex. I’ve left a note in the hallway to notify the neighbours, and I’m sure that will go down well!

I did mention he’s not poisonous and doesn’t bite.

We have a little bit short of 70 square metres (and I don’t know how many cubic metres!) of double sided bookshelves, DVD storage, open cupboards and wardrobes, all manner of boxes, bags, piles of junk (this part being my studio) for a slithery thing to hide in, so we can pretty much just hope he turns up when he’s hungry. I found poo on the floor (which notified me of his escapade in the first place) so at least I know there’s an empty tummy out there somewhere!


The Serpent Has Been Found! He was hiding in the only place we did not turn upside down: the plastic bag on one of the low shelves in the kitchen known as the “recycling station”. The Significant Otter thinks he was after the cream. I think he’s got a penchant for alcohol. Fafnir seemed totally content to hang around in the garbage bag — I had to empty the whole thing before I got him out.

“Five more minutes ma!!”


“Puny humans! Your silly cages of glass and steel won’t contain me forever!!1!”


Heard it through the grapevine:

  • @XplodingUnicorn Vanilla wins hands down. Chocolate ice cream is simply vile, and ever moreso if there are chocolate chips involved. 2 days ago
  • After my first ever facial, I'm smooth af & sporting the up-since-4 panda look. You could smuggle little monkeys in the bags under my eyes. 2 days ago
  • I came to this cafe and ordered an ice latte and cheesecake. The cheesecake is too sweet. I'm pretty sure I'm dying. #sugaraddiction 3 days ago
  • @darthzini Joku ajatushäiriö selkeesti! 3 days ago
  • My dog is with my friends, the snake's been fed, I'm having a crazy night of freedom and indulgence. Yeah, on Facebook. Crazy. 3 days ago

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