We Weren’t Jumping!

Occasionally, a lot of time goes between posts. Lots of things have been happening, so many stories to tell and even more forgotten! Lately — since I managed to return all my papers and thesis and everything, and graduation is just a paper away — it’s been all about the house. The Significant Otter and I moved in together in May, and it’s been great! I wanted, and got, a studio room where all my computer stuff, sewings, paintings, craftings and stuffums get done (yay!), and slowly, the flat is starting to come together.

Last night, we finally got the bed together and slept on it for the first time. Well. I slept on it. He said it was uncomfortable and sulked slept in the living room instead. In the morning, he complained that the bed made him roll toward me, and we managed to have a few Words (“Maybe you should get a skinnier girlfriend!”) before realising the bed was broken. Bent. Right in the middle.

I wish we had done something to cause that, because it would make a much better story than “Maybe I should lose some weight, cough cough.” Seriously. though: shouldn’t the exact middle of the bed be able to support most weight?

That said, we’re returning the bed tomorrow — honestly, it really should be able to handle two grownups sleeping, even if we were both twice the size we are! He says I shouldn’t tell people that we weren’t even having sex, because it’s embarrassing. The logic of it fails to make sense to me. Oh! Uh, I mean, we were having… not… what?

Living together has caused so many arguments, and most of them are really because his taste sucks and mine’s terrific. And I’m always right, too. He drives me up all kinds of walls with his ideas, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the fact that he cares (about our home) enough to argue, and I really, really have to say he’s grown incredibly patient with my rooms-decorated-by-theme obsession. I shan’t share any pics yet (because nothing is ready! Aaargh!), but I’ll let you in on a little secret. I ordered our completely ordinary toilet scrub from the UK. Because I couldn’t find the kind I wanted in Finland… It matches the superhero theme of the bathroom! <3


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