Kitchen Experimental, and Other Tales

It’s true what you have heard: I’m almost done with university — finally! — except for that one liiiiiittle essay I was planning to write this weekend. Well, it should come as no surprise that I was inspired to bake an exciting new cake. In the spur of the moment, I named it Deemagy (for my talented friend Dee Gutierrez, who’s also soon graduating), but after tasting the cake, it earned a nickname Sinfest. To be honest, you can’t really expect anything very different when you put coffee, sugar, chocolate and butter on coffee, sugar, chocolate and butter. But damn that cake is heavenly!

Clicky on the piccy for the ingredients, but note that, as written down, they’re rough estimates, because Kitchen Experimental scoffs at measuring!



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  • @XplodingUnicorn Vanilla wins hands down. Chocolate ice cream is simply vile, and ever moreso if there are chocolate chips involved. 2 days ago
  • After my first ever facial, I'm smooth af & sporting the up-since-4 panda look. You could smuggle little monkeys in the bags under my eyes. 2 days ago
  • I came to this cafe and ordered an ice latte and cheesecake. The cheesecake is too sweet. I'm pretty sure I'm dying. #sugaraddiction 3 days ago
  • @darthzini Joku ajatushäiriö selkeesti! 3 days ago
  • My dog is with my friends, the snake's been fed, I'm having a crazy night of freedom and indulgence. Yeah, on Facebook. Crazy. 3 days ago

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