Oddiary, part 3, and ramblings

I’m still battling with this sense of want of something, but unable to figure out what it is. I tried ice cream, and that was pretty good. I don’t suppose I can curl up in duvets with a crossword puzzle and a tub of neverending ice cream for the rest of my life?

On exciting news, I got my first ever second degree burns today! I’m so excited. I never got blisters before, but spilling boiling hot coffee on myself did the trick. It hurt like hell, but I’m always up for new experiences… Too bad I didn’t get a trip to ER, though, ’cause that would have been awesome.

In other news, I’m turning thirty-two come Saturday, yay. I told the Boyfriend I expect a present and breakfast and cake in bed. Unless, I suppose, if I’m already in my bed doing crosswords and eating ice cream. I did finally join up for this year’s NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month, as in ”write a novel in November”. I cheated a bit and I’m using a piece of story I found on my lappy a couple of days ago. I thought it was pretty interesting, and I have no recollection of writing it. I wish I did, because it seems like a good story, if I only knew what the whole idea was. So, I did some editing and I’m picking it up in November from 1825 words… I’ll keep Oddlogy updated to the progress, if there will be any.

Below the cut, Oddiary photos!

Here’s some photos from my recent trip to my home town. They’re mostly nature-y.

This leaf is holy.

Does it look like a sound graph to you?

I really need a better camera/lense for those starry nights. Click for full size.

Former glory.

Mushroom growing on a mushroom!

Tiny cute little mushroom. Awwww.

Something a little artsier.

Last & least: I tried my hand at carving, and it turned out to be an owl facing backwards. The whole carved area is about the size of my thumb.


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