Art For Sale!

OK, here’s the deal: I supposed to be having an art exhibition in the fair city of Salo, Finland, for the duration of the month of August, with my beautiful and talented friend Sini Tikkala. The problem is, I can’t afford to pay the measley 150€ needed for my share of the gallery rent (ridiculously cheap!), munchies and wine for the exhibition opening event, and, damn it, for the transport of my paintings from Helsinki to Salo!

Here’s where you come in. You’ve always wanted to buy some awesome paintings for a reasonable price, from a future-famous painter. You know you have. Please help me by buying something from my existing collection, right now! It will be a poor joint exhibition without the other joint.

The prices below are lowered, but do not include shipping costs. If you live in or around Helsinki, a personal delivery/exchange of goods in the centre is arrangeable. For good measure, I’ll throw in something small and hand-made, value ranging from five to fifty euros. HELP ME. Spread the word!

I have a PayPal account! I think this will work. Before making payment (unless, of course, you just want to donate money out of the goodness of your heart!), send me an email or make a comment on the post to make sure the painting you want is available, and to agree on delivery, etc. Other (money!) payment methods can be negotiated.

I don’t have the paintings near me as I write this, so the sizes are approximates.

From the Alucinari: Dream Fragments exhibition:

Unattainables / Saavuttamattomat, 2011. Oil on canvas, 100x90 cm. Will also ebe in the Unattainables exhibition! 850€

Rainy Day / Sadepäivä, 2011. Oil on canvas. 65x55 cm. 350€

Thought in the Forest / Aatos Mehtässä (wrong name on pic above), 2011. Oil on canvas. 100x120 cm. 850€

In the Dream Garden / Unipuutarhassa, 2011. Oil and glitter on canvas. 30x40 cm. 250€

Imagined / Mielen kuvatus, 2011. Oil on canvas. 65x55 cm. 350€

Dream Hunters / Unenpyytäjät, 2011. Oil on canvas. 80x40 cm. Will also be in the Unattainables exhibition. 450€

Dreamergy / Unilaatio, 2011. Oil on canvas. 100x80 cm. 700€

Conception, 2011. Oil on canvas. 80x40 cm. 450€

Life Cycle / Sykli, 2011. Oil on canvas. 80x40 cm. 450€

Inspiration / Inspiraatio, 2011. Oil on canvas. 120x100 cm. 850€

Gravity of the Situation / Painava Tilanne, 2011. Triptych. Oil on canvas. 30x30, 20x30, 30x30 cm. 450€.

Mummified Fairies / Muumiokeijuja, 2011. Mixed media: these are not paintings, but actual life-size figures in frames. Each fairy is about 2-3 cm high. Four sets: 2x 2 fairies, horizontal arrangement (as in picture); 2x 3 fairies, vertical arrangement. 65 and 70€ respectively (per piece), or 250€ for the whole set.

Paintings from other/several exhibitions:

Kaizoku / Pirate, 2010. Acrylic on canvas. 100x50 cm. 400€.

Anata wo miteruyo / I'm watching you, 2009. Triptych. Acrylic on canvas. 3x 40x40cm. 400€

Facade, 2008. Oil on canvas. 90x70-ish cm. 600€

The Empty Room / Tyhjä Huone, 2008. Acrylic & colour pencil on canvas. 70x90-ish cm. CANVAS ONLY; not stretched on frame. 300€.

Civilisation / Sivilisaatio, 2009. Acrylic on canvas. 100x90-ish cm. 500€

Expectations, 2008. Acrylic on canvas. 350e


Almost any (that isn’t sold or missing)  drawing or painting from this traditional art gallery  or prints from these photos.  Quick dirty drawings of anime type. My soul. Sarcasm. Will kick ass for cash. Proofreading/editing in English or Finnish. Pretend to be your fat girlfriend (escort only). Debate in absurd manner. Other things or services pending. Suggestions accepted.

PS: I also take commissions, just not until after the exhibition. I need to earn some money right now!


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