Friday Five

What seems like a billion years ago, there was a little ring of bloggers who would each in turn ask a question to which everyone would write five answers. This was called the Friday Five. As I was Stumbling a small while back, I browsed through a page with suggestions for blogging material. Just one really stood out from the list, and I decided to have a go at it for old times’ sake.

In no particular order, my five worst traits and what I have done to change them:

  1. Perfectionism
    I’m never good enough, creative enough, productive enough. This has been a big deal with the depression, but hey, I’m going to therapy. I like to quote a Finnish artist, Akseli Gallen-Kallela: ”All or nothing, the first or the last. That is the watchword (sic) I wish to maintain all my life.”
  2. Pride
    Ah. This is a difficult one, and the one I’ve really put some thought into. One of the main realisations I had about the trait (I claim to have inherited this from my late father) was that dad never apologised, even if he acknowledged he’d been wrong. So, I taught myself to say I’m sorry and admitting it when I’ve been or done wrong. (Still not perfect.) The other part was the realisation a while back that, in their head, everyone thinks they’re right. This changed a lot of things for me. For one, it made a whole lot easier to walk all over, because I actually pause and wonder if I could have been wrong.Having said that, if I feel wronged, I’m determined not to be the first one to give in…
  3. Overthinking
    I’m not completely sure there’s a cure for this that doesn’t involve (probably) illegal drugs. My latest exercise with not-overthinking is getting into a relationship with someone. He would probably claim otherwise, but I try. At least I didn’t go from ”Oh he’s nice – he’ll leave me anyway – why bother even going there?”
  4. Laziness, procrastination
    Cough. Well. I’m going to therapy?
  5. Being too nice
    I should be a little more selfish, sometimes. But every time I try it, it seems to cause inconvenience to someone else, and, well, if I have the time and the means, why wouldn’t I be helpful…? Things have to be pretty bad with me before I can get myself to say no to requests for help. Since one friend got annoyed at me for being too keen to help, I’ve tried to limit myself to only more obvious requests. Heh. Also, I hate conflicts, so I usually bite my lip and bow out, rather than let things escalate to a point where people say things they will regret. I’ve learned to, though, with enough provocation, to respond in kind. My sister Kati can attest to this…

So, Friday Five: regular occurrence or one-off?


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