Politicorama: the Left

I’m starting to lose interest in this project, as I’m getting more and more disillusioned (or re-disillusioned) about politics. This has nothing to do with my candidacy but rather with the pre-election news from Finland and abroad. Oh well… Forging on.

Vasemmistoliitto, the Left Alliance – or simply, the Left – was founded in 1990 and as it’s holding 17 seats in the current parliament, it is the fourth largest party in Finland. It was created on the foundations of the Finnish Nation’s Democratic Union and the Finnish Communist Party.

The three base values of the Left are equality, freedom and sustainable development. They describe themselves as a ‘third left’ to separate themselves from the Social Democrats and the Communists. The philosophy of the Left is described in their principle program as such:

The third left is a sentiment of the historical union of the great European political ideals of liberalism and socialism to build a better world. Feminist thinking and environmental awareness are in a central position in the ideology of the third left.

Feminist thinking? That’s refreshing, at least. The website of the Party is terrible, and I couldn’t find any direct political thesis on the site, and it’s entirely possible they do not have one. However, they are very kind to provide some of the material also in English, which makes my life a whole lot easier.

[…] The Left Alliance wants to put a high value on honest Finnish labour and root out the grey economy. A decent wage and good working conditions belong to all – to workers, small entrepreneurs and the self-employed, to people in fixed-term as well as in regular work contracts.

People have to have a living even when they are studying, have a pension, are ill or unemployed. Basic security is needed for this. The Left Alliance thinks that the basic security should be raised to 750 euro per month.


Good quality education, health care, caring and culture belong equally to all. In order to safeguard services the Left Alliance proposes that capital income and income from dividends should also be progressively taxed, that the property tax be brought back, that nuclear power plants have a fuel tax and that there is a tax on stock exchange transactions. There should be a law on elderly care.

The climate change alters people’s living conditions. We support actions that limit greenhouse gas emissions. We support the regulation of world trade so that people and the nature will be protected. It is possible to eradicate poverty in all the world – that depends on political decisions.

Many decisions are made in the EU these days. Finland must be active there too and work to put a stop to the dumping of taxes, working conditions and the protection of the environment. We support a Europe that is tolerant and appreciates cultural diversity.

(This is a direct copypaste from the site, grammatical errors and all.)

Wikipedia adds some more specifics; the Left is immigration-friendly, religion neutral, wants to tax alcohol more and to challenge global capitalism by providing a solidary and sustainable option. They want to end the use of nuclear and fossil-based energy little by little. They also want to separate themselves from the ”totalitarianism connected with socialism”.

That’s all very fine, but I wanted to know what they mean by ‘feminist thinking’. Anyone?

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