I really should learn to write more concicely. These monster posts of late are a pain to wade through. Trust me, I have read them! And speaking of boring, I’m due a post about the Finnish Social Democrats and I’ll be starting on that today. I promise, well, not really, but I really hope I’ll come up with something far less political and more interesting to write about, um, soonish.

Meanwhile, if you know Finnish: my candidacy is all kinds of official now. Or, if you don’t know Finnish, and would like to read a Google Translation -garbled version, have fun! Some of my favourite bits below…

I have a sumptuous book shelf (indeed)

my hobbies include art and lunatics versatile. (…I think this much is evident)

I became interested in political influence for a Pirate Party time. (Party time, excellent..!)

I think that media education should include basic education in primary schools. (absolutely – the media definitely needs a primary school education)

it is necessary that the immigrant population to encourage home discharge as quickly as possible (wait, what?)


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