Limited edition Responsible adult

OK, I’m officially a grown-up now. I’ve officially signed official papers stating that I’m officially an official parliament election 2011 candidate for the official Pirate Party of Finland. (Yes, my damn Politicorama series is still unfinished, and I intend to wade it through nevertheless.) I mentioned before I’ve always rather been an independent rather than sign up to any set idealism or group, so this is also a test to see how it works out for me. But. I do believe that the Pirate Party is a new kind of a political organisation; they (us) don’t have a position regarding national economy, and, aside from the focus interests, there’s no ”official party line” everyone is supposed to toe. I suppose I feel it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and actually try to affect something about the future world, rather than gloom about the inevitable doom.

By the way, I also signed up as a volunteer for an animal protection group (HESY), and I’m considering to … gasp! … volunteer to help elderly people in some way. I know, I know. I need to have my medication checked.

My instant adulthood was much softened by having to prove my age at the supermarket. Aww! Yes ma’m, I really am over the legal limit for buying cider. By about 13 years. Bless you, cashier lady, bless you for your poor eyesight!


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