I wanted to write about politics. Specifically, I wanted to write about current politics in Finland. The reason I don’t want to do so is that I don’t really know anything; the reason I do is the same. The different parties, the candidates, what’s been happening recently… I’ve tried very hard to keep my eyes and ears shut, but with the parliamentary election approaching and the recent rise in popularity for the conservative right (I hope I got at least that right) is making it impossible.

I don’t believe in politics.

I also don’t believe there is really any other way to even attempt change than to attempt to change politics. But I don’t really believe in that, either. I don’t think I ever voted in parliament election before, or if I did, I probably chose someone whose face I liked in the Green Party. The main reason I intend to vote this year is to not sit by and accept that the conservative ‘patriots’ are going to get in power.

I’m mostly writing it for my own benefit, and honestly, I’ll probably get a lot of things wrong, but I guess we all have to start somewhere. (By the way, my mom suggested that maybe I should get into politics. Now that would be funny, wouldn’t it?)


Politics 101, the parties

Wikipedia tells us that the political parties in Finland are:

Kokoomus (The Coalition): central right (51 seats)
Suomen keskusta (The Finnish Centre): alkio-ism*, humanity, decentralism, centrepartyism (!?) (50 seats)
Suomen sosiaalidemokraattinen puolue (The Finnish Social Democratic Party):social democracy (45 seats)
Vasemmistoliitto (The Left): combination of leftism and Green, socialism (17 seats)
Vihreä liitto (The Green): envoronmental protection, liberal socialism (14 seats)
Suomen ruotsalainen kansanpuolue (The Finnish Swedish Party): Finnish Swedish, liberalism (9 seats + one from Ahvenanmaa**)
Suomen Kristillisdemokraatit (The Finnish Christian Democrats): Christian values, conservatism (7 seats)
Perussuomalaiset (the ”True Finns”): reformism, nationalism, eurosketpticism (6 seats)


*Alkiolaisuus (”alkio-ism”) is an ideology which stands for the poor and ”carrying the flag of progress”.
** Ahvenanmaa, or Åland in Swedish, is a little autonomic Swedish-speaking island off the coast of Finland.


Other registered parties: the Independence Party, The Communist Labour Party – For Peace And Socialism, Change 2011, The Pirate Party, Finnish Communist Party, Finnish Senior Party, Finnish Labour Party, The Freedom Party – The Future of Finland, Köyhien asialla (faction to advocate the issues of the poor).

As I’m starting out, I think my vote will go either to the Green or the Pirate Party. I’m looking for a candidate who cares about environmental issues, open democracy and transparency in politics, and equality (gender, sexual identity, religion, etc.), separation of church and state… And I approve of the Pirate Party in their attempt to advocate some common sense into the legislation about computer related crimes.

So… Starting out by number of seats in the current parliament, my first party under study is the Coalition. Next time.


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