The Ramen Girl (2008)

A poster for a silly comedy

I decided to watch the film because I love Asia and with very low expectations – I mean, Brittany Murphy? Puh-lease. The poster was (almost) enough to put me off. But it turns out I was in for a surprise… The Ramen Girl starts without frills and sets the premise of the film at the very first scene: a silly, pretty, blonde girl has left home to Tokyo in order to be with her boyfriend who dumps her. This is basically a growth story happening in a ramen restaurant.

Lost in Translation was wonderful. The Stratosphere Girl was terrible. The Ramen Girl falls in between. It’s actually funny. It dares to make fun of expatriate Americans, and it portrays the Japanese (to my experience) fairly accurately and with the same sense of humour. I liked this film. I laughed and cried from the heart. For being a romantic comedy, The Ramen Girl has both heart and spirit. Duly recommended.

By the way, when I was looking for a picture of the poster for the blog, I also found the below alternative; it’s less selling, but much truer to the film. Isn’t it funny how her hair has been darkened in order to make this look like a film made more seriously?

A poster for a comedy with a point


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