Chicken soup, and other ingredients

I thought I might have missed it, since everyone else already went through it. But no. The flu is here. I’ve spent a couple of days with a terribly sore throat so, despite feeling a little poorly, I dressed up, braved the cold, and headed to the shops.

First stop: pharmacy. I bought something for the throat, which is supposed to have small amounts of antibiotics and even some anaesthesia. Brilliant. I checked that my home pharmacy painkillers are also good for lowering fever, if this develops that way, and headed to the grocery store. Garlic: check. Cayenne pepper: check. Other ingredients for my super delicious chicken soup: check. Herbal tea with menthol and ginger and green tea and other good stuff: check. Ice cream: check. Chocolate (because it creates a slimy layer over the sore throat): check. Lots of milk for my tea and upcoming rice porridge: check. I should have also looked for ginger root or ginger powder… oh well. Also made sure I have enough comics, crossword puzzles, films and the radio theatre version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Nice woolen socks, pillows, duvet, munchies.

So I’m all set. Bring it on, baby.

Of course, if Mr. Murphy knew anything, there will be no flu for me this year.

My super delicious chicken soup recipe, you ask? Why, certainly.


Asian or porridge rice (as much as you want)
Fresh, non-marinated chicken strips
Fresh garlic cloves (2-5, according to taste)
Spring onion
Sesame oil
Garlic salt
Cayenne pepper powder

First, rinse the rice until the water is clear. Then let it stand for, I dunno, a while. I left it for 20 minutes. Set your hob to mild heat (on my ceramic hob I set it on 3 on a scale of 1-6), wait until the water boils, add a teaspoon of salt and the rice. Let the rice simmer under a lid until all the water is gone – minimum of 20 minutes, but I’ve left it up to an hour.

Meanwhile, add some sesame oil on a pan and fry the chicken until it’s cooked (you can leave it somewhat uncooked, too, since it’s going into the soup anyway); season lightly with salt and garlic powder. Add water, sesame oil and some salt and cayenne pepper powder (keep tasting in between you don’t want to go overboard!).

Note: you can also use the cayenne to season the chicken. It works either way.

Allow to boil for a undefinite time – the aim is to make sure the chicken is nice and really tender. Add the crushed garlic. When the soup is almost ready, add fresh spring onion, sliced. You don’t want to boil the hell out of the spring onion.


Serve the soup and the rice separately; add the rice in the soup according to taste.
The idea is also that each eater adds more cayenne pepper according to individual taste, since it’s preeetty hot.


Om nom nom nom~

PS: Under no circumstance update your blog while cooking.


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