On dating… (pt.2)

So it comes to an end – my grand Dating Ad Challenge. Tomorrow I’ll take my ad down.

So far, I haven’t been on any dates, although I have one agreed on for next week, one, who didn’t respond after seeing my photo, and one, I think, who gave up. I’m exchanging emails with three or four guys and this social experiment is really tiring. Even if some of the email discussions are kind of interesting (others less so), somehow making the effort is… an effort. The thought of actually meeting up with someone new is, is, is… I dun wanna. I mean, it might turn out to be OK, even great, but you know. I get cold sweat and my heart seems to try to squash itself against my lungs* just for the thought of it. And then, conversations. I might seem articulate enough in writing (or just confusing), but trying to express myself with spoken words, on the spot, with a new person… I kind of want to stick my head to a nearest sand dune, or failing that, a plant pot.

That would be a sight, anyway.

Of course, I’ve just spent a weekend at the residence of the Karlsson clan**, and taught manga to a class of fifteen teenagers with Krista. So it’s entirely possible my social glands are momentarily empty. I’m socially exhausted. There’s really something to standing up in front of teens who are still at the age of seeing you as a teacher rather than an instructor and try to break the ice and get some kind of interaction started… It’s partly fun, and partly fucking terrifying. Especially when they don’t even crack a smile.


* Well, that’s how it feels.
** Which is always great and very clean***, if hectic. The coffee-chocolate pie was delicious – as always – and the oven-fresh Carelian pies a very welcome addiction. I mean addition. Yes.
*** I use them as my laundromat, because I don’t want to use the one at the student housing complex where I live.


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