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I was browsing Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture (Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright, ) and my eye caught two quotes to support/illustrate what I wrote before in my musings about social media:

According to Marx, those who own the means of production are also in control of the ideas and viewpoints produced and circulated. Members of the dominant class that own, control, or have their interests represented in the newspapers, television networks, and the film industry are able to control the content generated by these media forms. Media, in this view, is a means of domination. (p. 166)

Which is why it’s no wonder wide self-publishing such as blogging met some (futile) resistance – and still do (Chinese censorship, Wikileaks). But…

Not only does the contemporary media environment mean that the distinctions among media are less definable, it also means that there are opportunities for media to be less monolithic and centralized. The Frankfurt School view that the media serve the singular purpose of servicing the interests of those who hold economic and political power thus no longer has the same currency. (p.185)


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