But I’m allergic to dates?

For a while now, one of my friends on Facebook has been recounting her funny experiences on dating sites. I was somehow inspired by this (reverse psychology?) and decided to create a profile on a Finnish site, too. The ad has been up for less than 24 hours, and I’m ready to throw the towel. The little psychoanalyst in me wants to know why. And why not carry this on as an experiment, say, for a week? Think of it as a challenge. A Dating Ad Challenge!

Will I last a week in the jungle of internet dating, armed with nothing but my wits and natural charms?

Here’s what I think of the experience so far.

It’s a cattle market. In a way, it’s worse than going to a bar, where you can at least pretend to be interested just in the company of your friends, the dancing or the overpriced drinks. No, what you do here is write a little story about yourself, then list the qualities you wouldn’t compromise on in a potential mate, throw in a meaningful photo or two. Start browsing for ”matches” whose requirements aren’t too far up for you to be able to squeeze in (what’s a ‘proportionate woman’, anyway?) and throw them a note in your chosen style, trying to market yourself further as the exquisite pick of the day. I’m at loss at how to carry a conversation on this site. If the premise is to get on a date (dating… site… yes?), then each sentence has to be read or written with marketing in mind. Pick me, pick me!

Hyyyyaaeeerrghhhh (the sound of puking)

Having said that, from the four people who contacted me so far for my ad, one is clearly literate and smart, one is funny and nerdy (these being positive qualities), one was really all kinds of weird, and one I’ve already forgotten (which really says it all). I sent two responses to ads, and I received one response.

Further analysis coming soon…


PS: the one I couldn’t remember is probably a goth.


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