Book giveaway* (contd.)

*and a wee bit o’ sale, too.

Here’s a complete list of books I wish to donate or give away. It’s fairly short for someone with over 650 tomes, but, what can I say — I have a really good taste in books! I love my library dearly and I treat them well, so any book that is originally owned by yours truly is really “like new” if it says so. Some of the covers of the books are even covered with plastic.

This is a historical occasion, so if someone writes my biography some day make sure you jot down this date! >_<y

  • Ashley, Mike (ed.=: The Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy. Paperback; like new, but the plastic covering has some bubbles. :(
  • Brooks, Terry: Running with the Demon. Hardcover, like new.
  • Calder, Richard: Lord Soho (a time opera). Paperback, like new.
  • Cornwell, Bernard: The Winter King. Paperback, like new; slight bending on the spine that can be seen from the right angle against the light. :D
  • Dart-Thornton, Cecilia: The Ill-Made Mute. Paperback, like new.
  • Haining, Peter (ed.): The Flying Sorcerers (More Comic Tales of Fantasy). Paperback, like new.
  • Hambly, Barbara: The Rainbow Abyss. Paperback, spine & edges of covers worn.
  • Koontz, Dean R.: A Darkness in My Soul. Hardcover. Old print but in good condition.
  • Leonard, Elmore: Be Cool. Paperback, like new.
  • Lumley, Brian: Necroscope. Paperback, like new. Inscription on one of the first pages.
  • McNab, Andy: Immediate Action. Paperback, good condition.
  • Niven, Larry & Pournelle, Jerry & Barnes, Steven: The Legacy of Heorot. Hardcover, good condition, paper cover worn. AND THE SEQUEL: Beowulf’s Children. Paperback, like new. Given away as a set. :P
  • Rice, Anne: The Vampire Armand. Paperback, like new.
  • Rankin, Ian: Dead Souls: Paperback, like new.
  • Rankin, Ian: Witch Hunt. Paperback, like new.
  • Rankin, Robert: The Book of Ultimate Truths. Paperback, like new (slight wear in edges).
  • Seymour, Gerald: Killing Ground. Paperback, worn.
  • Smith, Wilbur: Warlock. Paperback, like new. Hand-written inscription on one of the first pages.
  • Vance, Jack: Lyonesse. Paperback, worn but in OK condition.
  • Vonnegut, Kurt: The Sirens of Titan. Paperback, worn spine.
  • Wilkins, Cary (ed.): A Treasury of Fantasy (Heroic Adventures in Imaginary Lands). Hardcover, good condition but the paper covers are worn.
  • Wood, N. Lee: Looking for the Mahdi. Paperback, slightly worn.
  • Young, Toby: How to Lose Friends & Alienate People. Paperback, like new.

Books in Finnish:

  • Dahl, Roald: Alahuuli. Finnish translation of Switch Bitch, paperback, like new.
  • Gibson, William: Neurovelho. Finnish translation of Neuromancer. Paperback, like new.
  • Liksom, Rosa. Kreisland. Hardcover, like new. In Finnish.
  • Ondaatje, Michael: Englantilainen Potilas. Finnish translation of the English Patient. Paperback; wear & tear, title page missing.
  • Welsh, Irvine: Trainspotting. Finnish translation. Paperback, like new.

Instead of giving away the books below, for reasons of being a nice set in good condition that looks good in a bookshelf, I don’t want to part with them for free. Nothing wrong with the books in any way: The two short story collections have some sentimental value (some of the last things I got from my dad before he died); I just can’t stand an incomplete collection (McCaffrey); and for some reason, this particular gift (the Donaldson set) from my ex is an eyesore. :P

  • Sadelehto, Markku (ed.): Musta Kivi. Collection of short stories. Paperback, like new. 2€.
  • Smith, Clark Ashton: Viimeinen Hieroglyfi. Collection of short stories. Paperback, like new. 2€.

Anne McCaffrey set (paperbacks): 15 € for all.
Dragons of Pern:

  • Dragonflight. Like new.
  • Dragonsong. Like new.
  • Dragonquest. Like new.
  • The White Dragon. Like new.

Pern set: 12€

  • Damia. Worn, bent spine.
  • Damia’s Children. Like new.

Damia set: 6€

Stephen R. Donaldson set (paperbacks, like new): 10€ for the set

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever:

  • Book One: Lord Foul’s Bane
  • Book Two: The Illearth War
  • Book Three: The Power That Preserves


  • Daughter of Regals (and other tales)

Not a book, but it was the only thing I could find at the moment that I consider unnecessary (just wait till I get my hands on the rest of my property currently in storage!):

  • Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring. Pewter & Bronze Effect chess set. Original package, hardly used. I never had a space for it. It’s really cool, even if the pieces are plastic. I’ve checked the regular retail price at around 30-40€, this one is yours for 20€. :)

I won’t pay any shipping/postage, but otherwise the books are free for all. I live in Helsinki, so it’s possible to meet up at the centre for delivery. Otherwise email me and ask (itsOKtohearvoices_honestly -at- yahoo.co.uk. It’s my junk mail email :D) . First come, first serve. Please! Take them away!


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