In health and in sickness

Is it a coincidence that every time I start a healthy habit it takes no time at all for me to fall ill? Harrumph. I’ve been eating my vitamin supplements every day for the two weeks I’ve been practicing the “healthy” diet I wrote about before. I’m still not used to it, by the way – I feel full and bloated all the time, but with the new addition of getting hungry every few hours. Grumble, grumble. So, now I’m also down with a cold of some description. Alternatively, I sweat like a pork on a frying pan or freeze my butt off, my throat hurts and there’s a nasty raw feeling in my windpipe when I breathe… I feel utterly miserable. Of course, I’m at mum’s, so I have a comfy sofa, a big TV, two laptops, and rice porridge on the way. So I guess it’s not all bad. But that doesn’t make interesting blogging.

The USB ports on Mugen (that crappy HP Compaq laptop I’m reduced to using, when I’m not on my beloved Kakashi, the old laptop retired to be used by mum) are in need of fixing – serious connectivity issues – which in itself is pissing me off (why am I always buying crap that breaks?!), and it means I can’t be very productive until I get it fixed. The good thing is that the warranty’s still valid. None of this – and periods – aren’t helping me feel any better. I’m trying to keep at least a lively face on the outside because I don’t want mum to worry unduly (possibly it’s a little late for that). At least we’ve established that I was a fairly normal kid (loved drawing and reading and making up stories), and it’s likely I inherited the sensitivity from her (and probably the depression from dad). Mum’s always making jokes about how she’s a witch because she can ‘guess’ things and she frequently dreams vividly; also, she tends to worry a lot about everyone. Sounds familiar.

Lately, and especially since I can’t use my pen tablet thanks to the broken USB ports, I feel like writing, but I can’t think of a topic. Any suggestions?


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