Mmm. Instant noodles.

On September 18th, I reopened my calendar for a social life. Week and a half later, I’m a mind and a half* to close the bloody thing again. Say what you will, but having a life — especially a social life — is fucking expensive! Even if you do “nothing” together, there’s still a coffee, or a lunch; and in most cases, that’s not nearly the end of the expenses. Bus fares, for one. Or hanging out in the centre, which, for some reason, never ends up being completely shop-free (I wonder why?). I don’t have that many friends (and I prefer it that way**), and most of them live more than a standard inner-Helsinki bus fare away anyway. And honestly, letting somebody else pay for my coffee or dinner really doesn’t come easily for me.

So there you are. The challenge is to find things to do, with friends, that cost nothing.

I need to check the free museums and free museum days in Helsinki (although to be honest, a coffeeshop visit almost always needs to happen in conjunction with these too). Meanwhile, I’m sitting in the next couple of weeks, contemplating my empty wallet, empty account and much-overdrawn credit card, while scrounging the freezer for those ancient chicken legs and freeze-dried wok vegetables left behind by the prehistoric peoples.


*I’m at least two minds about everything, so this is not even a challenge.
** Few good friends against many acquittances win every time.


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