Tekkonkinkreet (2006)

Amazon keeps recommending Tekkonkinkreet to me, so when I saw my local library had it on the shelf, I decided to take the risk. Well worth it! I was absolutely positively surprised. I already liked what the same people did on Animatrix, but really I was blown away. Definitely one for my ever growing collection!

Tekkonkinkreet is a really fresh animation, even four years after the release. The story as well both intrigued and touched me. This is not a children’s animation. There’s a perfect mix of a little bit of everything — humour, violence, philosophy, mystery, beautiful visuals and quirky character design… all in one. This film is dark in the way real life can be; illogical and not of a perfect narrative. In fact, nothing in this film strives for the perfect beauty you often see in the genre. And if there’s something I adore, it’s beauty in imperfection.  There was just enough of the unexplainable to keep me at the edge of my seat* and, I suspect, the same will (or probably has) divide viewers into those who “don’t get it” and those who don’t need to.



*well, seeing as how I don’t actually have a seat, I’m speaking figuratively. It’s hard to fall off a floor.


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